Analysis and Advise

Together we check the different data sources such as cable and soil intel on their quality and significance. In doing so, we assess whether extra measurements are needed. In addition, Marlinks checks the characteristics of the DTS and assesses the accuracy obtained. Furthermore, we investigate how the automatic data transfer of load and DTS data can be organised: we assess the IT requirements for an automated interface with your scada system, so it can show all necessary alerts. Our joint analysis results in a detailed estimate, including a plan of action on how Marlinks implements its solution into your systems.


Implementation and Roll-out

If necessary, we start the process with extra measurements on your assets. Once this intel is completed, our models are calibrated to obtain a custom-made model, designed on your cable and soil characteristics. Moreover, the automatic datatransfer is configured both from your systems to ours and from our application to your scada. Eventually, Marlinks compares the output with survey data as a quality check to guarantee a 100% waterproof outcome. .



The system is now up and running and calculates the burial depth of the cable, based on the load- and DTS-data. The information obtained is automatically transferred to your scada system (e.g. Alarm) and/or can be viewed on Marlinks’ dashboard. In addition, we generate periodic reports, including an overview on the burial depth, a trend analysis and an updated cable risk assessment.



During the operation phase, unexpected things can always occur. Therefore, we have an extended support service, covering software bugs or interface problems between our systems and yours. This dedicated Marlinks team also helps you in explaining unusual results or in the correct interpretation of the data, including the risks involved.

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