As the owner of an offshore windfarm, an accurate view on the status of the export cable and its associated risks is key. The Marlinks software provides you with a dashboard to assess these risks, based on real-time data. Our intel allows you to make the most elaborate decisions.



Whereas often considered to be less important than the nacelles and towers, the balance of plant O&M however is essential to the windfarm. A continuous view on the status of cables and the risks involved allows more accurate reporting and a day-to-day follow-up. In fact, the absence of real-time info and data could leave you blinded for months. In addition, Marlinks can integrate the automatic data input and output in your existing scada system, minimizing the effort to protect the cables.



Marlinks will provide you with increased insights of the thermal characteristics of the soil encapsulating your cables and help you to understand soil migration, based on our insights developing our models. Furthermore, we will assist you with an efficient choice of soil sampling and with the optimization of the cable route. So as a commercial bonus, you will be able to provide your customer with a cable compatible with the Marlinks monitoring, since all necessary info to configure our system was already obtained during the construction phase.



Marlinks aims to design its software brand or system independently, whilst simultaneously collaborating with integrators, to make sure our solutions are compatible with your systems. This approach offers a seamless integration of our product in the environment of the end customer. Please contact us if you want to discuss collaboration possibilities with us.



A close follow-up on the permit requirements and a detailed view on the thermal behavior enables an easy assessment of the environmental influence at sea floor level, due to increased temperature. Cables are protected more effectively and risks can be better managed, so the energy production and its delivery is more robust