Poster Award at WindEurope Copenhagen for RTTR monitoring.

Back in November 2021, our R&D lead Manly Callewaert won the conference poster award at the WindEurope event. In collaboration with Elia, we succeeded in challenging the industry standard and improving the time accuracy on how to calculate the core conductor temperature within subsea cables for the offshore wind industry.

The load transported by offshore wind cables is highly dependent on wind power, making it a very variable factor. This means the temperature of the conductor will also be variable, and therefore in the traditional steady state approach, calculating one fixed temperature for the conductor temperature cannot be applied. In our new model, we included two improvements compared to the standard model: One, our calculation of the core temperature has been made dynamic (in relationship with the transported load) and two, we have calculated the core temperature using an accurate model based on the temperature at fiber level and taking into account the geometrical complexity of modern cables.

To compare our model with the real-life situation, we made an experimental set-up with thermocouples measuring the actual conductor temperature. This was compared with our model in both constant and dynamic load situations.

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