Environmental Monitoring

Getting alerted of environmental events of interest such as whale songs, vessel movements and earthquakes.

offshore wind farm and vessel


Detect environmental events based on fiber optic technology.

With concerns over the impact of wind farm construction and operation on marine life, it is crucial to have an effective way to detect and monitor the environmental situation in the area. By using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, fiber optic cables can detect external environmental events, such as whale sounds, earthquakes and vessel movements, allowing for effective monitoring and protection of marine life in the offshore wind farm area.


Get real-time actionable insights via the Marlinks dashboard.

Our dashboard allows you to quickly get an idea of all preffered offshore cable monitoring services. Continuously check the health of the submarine power cable to make smart decisions for reducing risks and costs. Integrate our dashboard in your SCADA system or view the parameters via the stand-alone dashboard in any web browser. As a monitoring partner you can download the reports to analyse or take it to the relevant stakeholders within your organisation.

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whale in sea


Spotting a whale using DAS monitoring.

The construction and operation of a wind farm can cause negative impact on surrounding marine life due to the noise impact a wind farm can have. To protect the surrounding marine life, it is foremost necessary to be able to know what and if sea mammals are present. 

Marlinks took up the challenge to detect whales surrounding submerged subsea fiber cable using nothing but a DAS device. Advanced algorithms could classify the recorded sound into porpoise echolocation clicks, whale song and other marine noises, and compute the location of the mammal. It is exciting to know that once operational, the system would allow to alert the crew when the mammal is getting too close to the construction site, so that necessary actions can be taken.


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