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TTM with FBG's on Cable Joints and Ends in Offshore Wind Farms.

TTM with FBGs involves embedding FBG-sensor lines onto the termination connectors, allowing real-time monitoring of temperature changes. By continuously measuring temperature variations, operators can gather valuable data about the connectors’ operational conditions.

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two persons analysing subsea cable data

6 Reasons Why Subsea Cable Monitoring is Essential for Offshore Wind Farms

Subsea cable monitoring is not just a technological advancement. It's a critical component for the operational success and sustainability of offshore wind farms.
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Marlinks Participated in the GO-SENS Project

GO-SENS project, a three-year initiative focused on developing next-generation solutions for distributed optical fiber sensing (DOFS) to monitor high-voltage power cables in real-time.
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Quality Management in Fiber Optic Monitoring

Cable health monitoring through fiber optics technology significantly reduces manual offshore interventions and allows for a continuous oversight of the health status of the subsea cables. However, for optimal system performance, a meticulously executed fiber optic path is essential.
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windeurope bilbao marlinks

WindEurope Bilbao 2024 Poster and Presentation

In March 2024, Marlinks had the privilege of submitting a poster and participating in a panel discussion at WindEurope in Bilbao.
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cable protection systems (cps)

Localize and monitor unstable Cable Protection Systems

Cable Protection Systems (CPS) play a vital role in offshore wind farms by safeguarding the network of subsea power cables that transport generated electricity to onshore grids. The CPS are shells that protect the exposed cable from seabed to monopile.
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three people monitor subsea power cable on big reel with fiber optic technology

The Crucial Role of Marlinks’ Thermal Models for Subsea Power Cables

In the offshore wind energy sector, subsea power cables play a crucial role in efficiently transmitting electricity from offshore turbines to the shore. At Marlinks, our approach is straightforward and effective. We use thermal models to precisely map the cable's temperature distribution along its entire length.
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test relation between core and fiber temperature
Case Studies

The relation between core and fiber temperatures of a subsea cable

In the realm of submarine power cables, deciphering the intricate relationship between core (conductor) temperatures and fiber temperatures is of paramount importance.
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Press Releases

dotOcean and Marlinks Collaborate in NATO’s DIANA Initiative

A joint proposal submitted by dotOcean and its sister company Marlinks on the topic of ‘persistent surveillance above and under water’ has been chosen to participate in NATO's Diana Accelerator Initiative, following the selection of 44 projects out of 1300 applications and being the only Belgian initiative selected.
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export subsea power cable

Fiber-to-cable mapping in offshore cable management

At Marlinks, we believe in speaking the language of our users, who rely on the insights derived from our monitoring application to make informed decisions. Marlinks employs spatial mapping to seamlessly translate the DTS or DAS measurements into intuitive and comprehensible information for our clients. 
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