Power cable integrity monitoring

Continuous subsea cable health monitoring with fiber optic technology.

subsea or submarine power cable

Cable Integrity monitoring

The ultimate subsea power cable support partner.

Marlinks guards your offshore power cables and empowers you to take monitoring to a whole new level and puts all this data, analytics and insights at your team’s fingertip. Enable your organization to keep risk low and save costs by making the right decisions.

“What happens in the undersea cable, doesn’t have to stay in the cable.”

monitoring benefits

Drive smart offshore cable decisions.

Empower O&M teams with accurate insights and active decision support services.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitors and guards offshore power cables by continuously calculating and analysing the data. Get quarterly reports with actionable insights.

Updates & Alerts

Get instant, real-time updates of your undersea cables status and always stay up-to-date and informed of evolutions.

Time-saving insights

Marlinks turns cable data into actionable insights and shows you what requires attention at a glance. There is no downtime required.

Response time

Completely outclasses traditional survey-based monitoring with higher frequency, greater reliability and lower cost.

Risk & money reduction

Responding to cable failures before they occur saves a lot of money, a lot of time and a whole lot of sorrow and trouble.

Monitoring Services

We take care of your
submarine power cables.

Depth of Burial

Continuously be aware of how deep your submarine power cable is embedded in the dynamic seabed.

Cable Exposure

Be notified when your subsea power cable is at risk of being exposed and at risk of being damaged from external factors.

Impact Detection

Be alerted of any impact events happening on or near the cable and allowing for detection of the location of the event.

Cable Protection
System Monitoring

Detect if there is abrasion happening and at which Cable Protection System (CPS), allowing for a targeted O&M strategy.

Real Time
Thermal Rating

Monitor the cable temperature in real time and calculate how long it takes to reach maximum thermal capacity.


Getting alerted of environmental events of interest such as whale songs, vessel movements and earthquakes.


Get real-time actionable insights via the Marlinks dashboard.

How to make sense of all that monitoring data? How can you use it in your favor? Marlinks offers a centralized way of monitoring and managing your sub-sea power cables. Our dashboard empowers customers to always know what’s going with their cables and offers real-time insights on which to base decisions.

marlinks subsea cable monitoring dashboard rttr

Supporting services

Let you support by extra services and the best hardware.

Complement and expand our decision support by calling upon our supporting services. We offer our expertise in all lifecycle stages of an offshore wind farm and for various stakeholder groups. From better cable decisions, to best performance hardware both for operational and developing wind farms.


The power of fiber optic sensing technology.

Fiber optic technology plays a crucial role in the offshore wind and submarine power cable industry. By transmitting data at high speeds and over long distances, it enables real-time monitoring and control of undersea cables, improving reliability and safety.

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