Real-Time Thermal Rating

Monitor the cable temperature in real time and calculate how long it takes to reach maximum thermal capacity.

inter array subsea power cable


Extend the lifetime of your subsea power cable with RTTR.

With Real-Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) you can monitor the temperature in the core of the undersea cable in real time. In this way it is possible to calculate how long it takes to reach maximum thermal capacity. This let you better manage load and achieve peak efficiency, as well as identify what section of cable is getting too hot. This is a Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) based service.

“No more heated discussions about the thermal state of subsea cables.” 

Monitoring benefits

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submarine power cables.

Real-Time calculations​

By using the Real-Time Thermal Rating service you get real-time and actionable insights into the core temperature of your subsea power cables.

Temperature reporting​

Generate customizable temperature reports for specific sections of cable, with the ability to adjust thresholds and granularity as needed. Get alerts when cable gets too hot.

RTTR simulations​

Define your circumstances in terms of load and time, and instantly get a visual forecast of how hot your cable will get under current or worst-case conditions.

Historic temperature​

Get access to historical data and see past temperature and load readings. Analyse the historic data for the entire power cable or just a few selected locations.

Extend cable lifetime​

With accurate historical temperature and load data at your fingertips, you have all the tools available to ensure long-term cable integrity and extend the lifespan of the subsea cable.

Maximize efficiency​

With real-time calculations of core temperatures, it becomes easy to plan cable loads and minimize the need to curtail wind turbine generators, while still ensuring safety.


Get real-time actionable insights via the Marlinks dashboard.

Our dashboard allows you to quickly get an idea of all preffered offshore cable monitoring services. Continuously check the health of the submarine power cable to make smart decisions for reducing risks and costs. Integrate our dashboard in your SCADA system or view the parameters via the stand-alone dashboard in any web browser. As a monitoring partner you can download the reports to analyse or take it to the relevant stakeholders within your organisation.

marlinks subsea cable monitoring dashboard rttr
three people monitor subsea power cable on big reel with fiber optic technology

RTTR Poster Award

Poster Award at WindEurope Copenhagen for RTTR monitoring.

Back in November 2021, our team won the conference poster award at the WindEurope event. In collaboration with Elia, we succeeded in challenging the industry standard and improving the time accuracy on how to calculate the core conductor temperature within subsea cables for the offshore wind industry.


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Marlinks guards your offshore power cables and empowers you to take monitoring to a whole new level and puts all this data, analytics and insights at your team’s fingertip. Enable your organization to keep risk low and save costs by making the right decisions. 

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