Impact Detection

Be alerted of any impact events happening on or near offshore cables.

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Be alerted of any external impact events happening on or near offshore cables.

Impact detection monitoring systems, which use advanced fiber optic technology, offer a solution for detecting and locating cable faults and damages caused by external factors such as anchor strikes and fishing gear entanglement. With real-time monitoring and analysis, operators can quickly respond to cable issues and minimize downtime, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs for offshore wind farms.


Get real-time actionable insights via the Marlinks dashboard.

Our dashboard allows you to quickly get an idea of all preffered offshore cable monitoring services. Continuously check the health of the submarine power cable to make smart decisions for reducing risks and costs. Integrate our dashboard in your SCADA system or view the parameters via the stand-alone dashboard in any web browser. As a monitoring partner you can download the reports to analyse or take it to the relevant stakeholders within your organisation.

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Discover our other Marlinks monitoring services.

Marlinks guards your offshore power cables and empowers you to take monitoring to a whole new level and puts all this data, analytics and insights at your team’s fingertip. Enable your organization to keep risk low and save costs by making the right decisions. 

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