subsea cable
health monitoring.

Get real-time actionable insights and decision support provided by continuous fiber optic monitoring allowing for a proactive O&M approach.

Monitoring Services

We take care of your
submarine power cables.

Depth of Burial

Continuously be aware of how deep your submarine power cable is embedded in the dynamic seabed.

Cable Exposure

Be notified when your subsea power cable is at risk of being exposed and at risk of being damaged from external factors.


Monitor the cable temperature in real time and calculate how long it takes to reach maximum thermal capacity.

Cable Protection
System Monitoring

Detect if there is abrasion happening and at which Cable Protection System (CPS), allowing for a targeted O&M strategy.


Be alerted of any impact events happening on or near the cable and allowing for detection of the location of the event.


Getting alerted of environmental events of interest such as whale songs, vessel movements and earthquakes.


We turn raw cable data into actionable insights.

Marlinks leads the market in monitoring solutions for all submarine power cables in offshore wind farms. Our services continuously crunches cable measurement and generates the insights our customers use to drive timely and informed decisions. 

Monitoring benefits

Drive smart undersea
cable decisions.

Empower O&M teams with accurate insights and active decision support services to reduce cable failures. 

and analytics

response time

and alerts

saving insights

Risk and
money reduction

Always be aware of the status of your submarine power cables before it's too late.

Trusted Clients

Some of our global clients.

Proud to collaborate with clients all over the world.  From America, to Europe and East Asia. Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot share all our clients.


The latest Marlinks news.

BOPTIC research project

The project idea originated from the understanding that it is crucial to have the knowledge and tools to detect and mitigate failures in cables and foundations of offshore wind farms as this is the key to large cost reductions and to economically viable wind production as an energy source.

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Meet our new Business Developer for the UK and US, Andrew Lloyd

Last month Marlinks had the pleasure to onboard Andrew Lloyd, our new UK Business Development Manager, who comes with a vast experience in the power cable installation, repair and maintenance sector having worked for Global Marine for over 20 years.

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Why submarine cable monitoring matters to insurers

As the need for renewable energy sources increases, so do damage claims of offshore wind farms. Facing the brunt such claims, insurance companies are turning to submarine cable monitoring. Over 80% of insurance claims were due to cable damage. Read more about this topic via our latest blog article.

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