subsea cable
health monitoring.

Get real-time actionable insights and decision support provided by continuous fiber optic monitoring allowing for a proactive O&M approach.

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monitoring benefits

Drive smart offshore cable decisions.

Empower O&M teams with accurate insights and active decision support services.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitors and guards offshore power cables by continuously calculating and analysing the data. Get quarterly reports with actionable insights.

Updates & Alerts

Get instant, real-time updates of your undersea cables status and always stay up-to-date and informed of evolutions.

Time-saving insights

Marlinks turns cable data into actionable insights and shows you what requires attention at a glance. There is no downtime required.

Response time

Completely outclasses traditional survey-based monitoring with higher frequency, greater reliability and lower cost.

Risk & money reduction

Responding to cable failures before they occur saves a lot of money, a lot of time and a whole lot of sorrow and trouble.


Turn raw cable data into actionable insights.

Marlinks leads the market in monitoring solutions for all subsea power cables in offshore wind farms. With fiber optics connected to a Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) or Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) device it is possible to continuously crunch cable measurements to drive timely and informed decisions.

offshore wind farm with substation

Monitoring Services

We take care of your
submarine power cables.

Depth of Burial

Continuously be aware of how deep your submarine power cable is embedded in the dynamic seabed.

Cable Exposure

Be notified when your subsea power cable is at risk of being exposed and at risk of being damaged from external factors.


Monitor the cable temperature in real time and calculate how long it takes to reach maximum thermal capacity.

Cable Protection
System Monitoring

Detect if there is abrasion happening and at which Cable Protection System (CPS), allowing for a targeted O&M strategy.


Be alerted of any impact events happening on or near the cable and allowing for detection of the location of the event.


Getting alerted of environmental events of interest such as whale songs, vessel movements and earthquakes.


We’re running Marlinks technology on our wind farms, and we are confident that overall cable risk has decreased thanks to Marlinks’ continuous monitoring.

eric antoons parkwind
Eric Antoons
CO-CEO Parkwind

We are happy to select Marlinks as our monitoring partner and are confident that through the cooperation, we can ensure the Hai Long cables are well protected and performance optimized during O&M period.”

tim kittelhake ceo of hai long
Tim Kittelhake
CEO Hai Long

Marlinks is our trusted and leading partner in cable monitoring, resulting in several advantages, i.e., real-time monitoring, improving safety, predictive maintenance, centralised cable visibility and reduced environmental impact.”

Offshore Wind Farm

Marlinks demo

Check the health of your submarine power cables.

Take a look at how our Marlinks platform can bring your business and Operations & Maintenance team to the next level. As a submarine power cable partner we want to bring actionable insights to drive timely and informed decisions that reduces costs, risks and your carbon footprint. Thereby, you can maximize your energy performance. 

Request your personally, free and customized demo today and discover all the possibilities to find out why Marlinks is the perfect partner for you. 

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Fiber optic sensing is adaptable to a wide range of environments, making it a versatile solution for diverse applications. It excels in harsh and challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures, high electromagnetic interference, and corrosive atmospheres.

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