[Webinar] Maximize UK offshore wind energy output with cable monitoring.

The UK is becoming ever more dependent on offshore renewable energy from the need for our own energy security to the ambitious drive to have 50GW of offshore wind installed by 2030. The reliance on the reliable flow of energy from offshore renewables has never been greater.

The subsea cables, both array and export, remain the weak link in the overall reliability of offshore wind farms and a sudden loss of power from a large windfarm into the National Grid can have a major impact, as was seen in 2019 when Hornsea One suffered a technical fault at the same time as another power plant.

Condition monitoring of these subsea cables, if performed correctly, can give valuable insights to asset owners, and allow them to manage their cables in a much more pro-active way to reduce the chance of a failure, or if one does happen be able to react in a much more efficient manner.


  • Introduction offshore wind in the UK and Marlinks
  • Submarine cable monitoring with fiber optic technology
  • How to carefully select and provide reliable Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) devices as an hardware independent partner
  • Q&A


Andrew Lloyd – Marlinks
Business Developer UK

Executive level business leader with over 25 years experience of successful strategic growth and business development in the marine engineering and subsea cable industry. A proven track record of business management combined with hands on experience of project delivery in the fibre optic and power cable sectors.

Liesbeth De Baere – Marlinks
Global Sales Manager

My role at Marlinks is to ignite the conversation and make sure we always bring the best value with customer-centricity and integrity being the main drivers.” With nearly three years of experience within Marlinks and the offshore wind industry, Liesbeth is the ideal person to explain more about this topic.


Please contact sales@marlinks.com and we will be happy to assist you. 

On demand webinar

Maximize UK offshore wind energy output with cable monitoring.


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BOPTIC research project

The project idea originated from the understanding that it is crucial to have the knowledge and tools to detect and mitigate failures in cables and foundations of offshore wind farms as this is the key to large cost reductions and to economically viable wind production as an energy source.

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