Ampacimon and Marlinks sign MoU to enhance cable monitoring services.

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Monitoring is critical for responding to and preventing grid outages due to power line/cable failure, and to inform appropriate maintenance works on time. Accurate grid capacity information is useful for secure and optimized grid operation to maximize delivery of cheap energy from sources like renewables.

Ampacimon and Marlinks, have signed an MoU to combine the complementary strengths in monitoring of cables, power lines and substations with their respective sensing technologies and data analytic platforms. Where Ampacimon will focus on dynamic line rating of overhead lines and Marlinks focus on Dynamic Line Rating of buried cables.


Ampacimon provides intelligent power grid monitoring systems predominantly for onshore systems, in over 30 countries today. The BlueBox Partial Discharge technology is used to monitor high voltage power cables and substations to alert insulation defects and report on the condition of deterioration to predict breakdowns. Overhead conductors are monitored with Ampacimon Dynamic Rating (ADR) and GridVisor sensors to observe and predict the power line capacity, conductor health, remaining useful lifetime, and detect anomalies like icing, galloping, and electrical faults.

Marlinks offers a condition based-monitoring system for power cables with the aim of reducing failure rates of (subsea) transmission systems, thereby maintaining transmission efficiency. Offering a strong service line that can monitor the Depth of Burial of subsea power cables, on- and offshore RTTR through DTS, and a range of DAS monitoring services with the aim of continuously proving integrity and reliability of cables that carry critical power supply from offshore to onshore grids.

About Marlinks.

Marlinks is specialized in the continuous monitoring of offshore infrastructure, more precisely subsea power cables. Using advancements in fiber optic technology to reduce monitoring costs, Marlinks is committed to enhancing the lifespan, efficiency and thus profitability of wind farms and other offshore installations. Marlinks was founded in 2017 as a joint venture between engineering firm Fluves and offshore wind energy operator Parkwind. Hailing from Flanders, a region brimming with expertise in offshore wind, the company finds itself both at the heart and the forefront of a bustling industry

About Ampacimon.

Ampacimon is a technology company founded in Belgium and Spain in 2010, offering grid enhancing solutions to Transmission & Distribution utilities. Through its proprietary measurement systems and advanced analytics, Ampacimon allows grid operators to maximize the use of their assets, optimize their maintenance, and prioritize investments. As such, it offers data-driven solutions enabling grid operators to accelerate renewables integration and the energy transition. With offices in Belgium, Spain and the USA, Ampacimon has a global presence and systems in operations with all major grid operators in the world.


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