Marlinks monitors Hai Long undersea power cables.

Taipei, Taiwan / Ghent, Belgium – Marlinks, the global leader in subsea cable integrity monitoring services, has secured its first major contract in Taiwan. The project involves the cable health monitoring of the export and inter-array cables of the 1044MW Hai Long wind farm, a flagship project for the East Asian region.

This announcement follows Marlinks’ recent project award announcement in the United States and again confirms the company’s continued global expansion. The contract awarded covers the design, supply, installation, commissioning of monitoring hardware, and ongoing provision of integrity monitoring services, including Depth of Burial, RTTR, DAS monitoring and Termination Monitoring.

Tim Kittelhake, CEO of the Hai Long Project, said, “Hai Long is very much looking forward to delivering this key project in Taiwan, utilizing Marlinks’ experience in continuous cable health monitoring works. We are happy to select Marlinks as our partner and are confident that through the cooperation, we can ensure the project’s cables are well protected and performance optimized during O&M period.” 

The Hai Long wind farm is located up to 50km offshore with water depths up to 55 meters. Marlinks is well-positioned to deliver the necessary cable health monitoring services, leveraging its extensive global expertise in the field with projects in Europe, East Asia, and the United States.

Roel Vanthillo, co-founder and CEO, of Marlinks, echoed this sentiment, adding, “We can only encourage Hai Long’s choice to select a complete cable health monitoring package, covering not only services based on temperature monitoring but also on vibration monitoring. We look forward to working with the Hai Long project team on monitoring its cables in these challenging sea conditions to ensure the power cables’ integrity remains intact throughout its operational lifetime.” 

As Marlinks continues to invest in the East Asian market, it is opening a branch office in Taiwan in 2023 after having set up a representative office in 2022. The company’s success in securing the Hai Long project highlights its position as the global leading provider of subsea cable integrity monitoring services and its commitment to driving innovation in the industry.

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