[Webinar] Discover why CPS monitoring is essential for your business and subsea cables.

In this free webinar Marlinks will be providing insights into CPS continuous health monitoring by means of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology. You can expect an interactive webinar describing the most relevant information allowing you to add value and meaningful insights rather than just generate data output.


  • What’s the fuzz about? Why should you monitor your CPS systems.
  • What can be monitored ?
  • How to quantify the measurement output.
  • Use case and first results.
  • Q&A


Roel Vanthillo – Marlinks
Co-Founder & CEO

With a master degree in engineering, experiences in the fascinating world of offshore & renewables industry, and a passion for mathematics and analytics, Roel is at his best at the crossroads of innovative technology and strategic finance. The most rewarding moments for Roel are when a challenging & innovative project runs smoothly to the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved.


Please contact sales@marlinks.com and we will be happy to assist you. 

On demand webinar

Discover why CPS monitoring is essential for your business and subsea cables.


Poster Award at WindEurope Copenhagen for RTTR monitoring

Our R&D lead Manly Callewaert won the conference poster award at the WindEurope event. In collaboration with Elia, we succeeded in challenging the industry standard and improving the time accuracy on how to calculate the core conductor temperature within subsea cables for the offshore wind industry.

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Meet Andy Readyhough, Brand Ambassador for the UK

Andy knows the offshore wind submarine power cable transmission market inside out, having seen first hand how the industry moved from oil & gas to renewable energies and combined with the telecom submarine cable industry has defined the current offshore wind cable industry standards. It was long overdue that we needed to share with our network a droplet of his insights.

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Our UK Brand Ambassador, Andy shares some last thoughts before going into retirement

Our UK brand ambassador has seen the offshore wind market evolve from its early stages and left a considerable mark on the whole industry. However, to all great stories come an end, and every protagonist deserves some rest time as well.

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